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The colors of Wyoming

I love color! I travel a great deal, most of it driving across North America! There are still plenty of places to see and experience. I like near Lake Erie and we have some gorgeous sunsets here. The lake and its islands are a jewel asset for my area of Ohio. They are a short getaway destination for locals and a place that many foreigners visit as well. So when I travel, I look for the beauty in every place. And North Dakota, even in late winter and covered in snow, has a unique beauty. But there's something about the Rocky Mountain west - Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah. A starkness, a coolness, a beauty of its own. These amazing colors are the inspiration for Mountain Meadow Wool's colors. The Wyoming-based business and mill uses American inputs into its final product and takes their colorways from the region. So colors such as Butterfly (shown here), Desert, Lilac, Forest, and Fire reflect the palette of the American West. I carry Kaycee, Cody, Lilura, and Salem in various colorways. So even if you can't visit the American West, you have the colors of it in your stash.

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