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I spend my winters on ice as a member of the Bowling Green Curling Club. When I attend a bonspiel, there are always knitters and crocheters. Some will lament not bringing a project when I drag mine out during broomstacking (both teams sit and socialize after a draw or game). I've traveled a great deal in the past few years and I always find yarnies wherever I go!

In May, I was fortunate enough to be on the women's team from my club that participated in Arena Curling Nationals. It's not at the elite level but we played against some tough teams and placed well overall. I do stats for USA Curling for the Nationals and it was a very unique experience being a player at a national event rather than a viewer (although involved in the inner workings). I brought my knitting for the off-ice time (not a lot) and did some in the car on the way to and from West Chester. It passes the time and I have a beautiful piece when I'm done. 

So don't be afraid to knit or crochet in public. You could form a temporary bond while flying or a more permanent friendship! Here's to the beginning of another curling season in November at our new facility (Arena Nationals no more for us)! And more travel...and more yarnies!  See you on the ice!

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