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The Colors of Wyoming

Mountain Meadow Wool is a small company located in Wyoming. Their attention and care to the details of their colorways is beautiful and striking. It reminds me of my trips through the West. Their yarns represent American-made quality and environmental responsibility, together in an affordable and superior product. You will love this yarn!

From their website: "The clean, cool, and dry climate in Wyoming creates naturally fine, soft, and silky mountain merino wool.  This mountain merino wool is below 22 microns and comes from Rambouillet, Cormo, Targhee, Merino and Columbia breeds. To maintain the beauty of the natural fiber, Mountain Meadow uses environmentally friendly cleaners and vegetable based spinning oil.  Eco-friendly manufacturing practices help the wool retain its natural lanolin, resulting in luxurious yarns that have a soft and natural connection to the land.  Each premium skein of yarn can also be traced back to our local ranch supplier, giving consumers a direct connection to the West.  We are currently working with 16 ranching families for environmental agricultural sustainability and economic opportunity."